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Elipse gastric balloon is a balloon that is applied by swallowing, unlike other balloons. With its groundbreaking method in obesity treatment, it does not require anesthesia and endoscopy. It is excreted from the body spontaneously after four months.

Gastric balloon is a non-surgical weight loss method. A silicone balloon placed in the stomach helps to lose weight by taking up space. This balloon takes up space in the stomach and allows you to be full quickly with less food.

Obesity, that is, obesity, is the body weight being above normal due to the excessive amount of adipose tissue in the body. Obesity is determined by calculating the body mass index and is obtained by dividing the person’s weight by their height twice.

General surgery is a branch of medicine that treats patients with general or regional diseases that cannot be treated with drugs or other medical methods, by surgical methods or by removing diseased organs from the body.

حساب مؤشر كتلة جسمك

How to Calculate Body Mass Index?

يُحسب مؤشر كتلة الجسم (BMI) بقسمة وزن الجسم (كجم) على مربع الطول بالأمتار. يتم الحصول على الوزن المثالي بضرب مؤشر كتلة الجسم المطلوب في مربع الارتفاع.

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