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12 Ağu

Causes Of Obesıty And Treatment Methods

Obesity is a health problem defined as excessive accumulation of fat in the body. It occurs when the energy taken into the body by food exceeds the amount of energy burned. It affects human life negatively and leads to different health problems The diagnosis of obesity is based on the Body Mass Index. Individuals with BMI over 25 are overweight, individuals between 30-35 are 1st Degree Obese, individuals between 35-40 are obese in the 2nd Degree, and those who are above 40 are 3rd Degree, which is morbidly obese.

The main reason why obesity has increased so much in society is lifestyle change. The main causes of obesity are inactive lifestyle, eating ready foods, not exercising and doing sports, and eating excess fat or sugary foods.

Today, it is possible to treat obesity with lifestyle changes. Including sports and exercise and gaining healthy eating habits play an important role in the treatment of obesity. In cases where diet and exercise are inadequate, ’’ gastric balloon or obesity surgery (bariatric surgery) ’methods are possible to achieve healthy weight loss.

It is possible to achieve healthy weight loss with these methods if the individual has stubborn weight and cannot lose weight by diet or exercise, if the BMI is too high and it is necessary to reduce it in a short time, if the individual needs to lose weight quickly before another operation. In addition to gastric balloon and obesity surgery, making lifestyle changes, learning to eat healthy and moving life is the key to a sustainable healthy life for obese individuals.

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