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Gastrıc Balloon

A gastric balloon is a non-surgical treatment for weight loss management. It is recommended for patients with BMI between 27 and 35. The gastric balloon makes you feel full with smaller portions so that you feel satiety with less food. With the help of the dieatary advice and lifestyle change you can have healthy eating habits and you can keep your fit state without gaining weight.

In this procedure a silicone balloon is inserted by endocopy under anesthesia and the balloon is inflated with a blue-coloured fluid. It is quick and painless. It is an outpatient procedure so that there is no need for an overnight stay at the hospital. The patient is observed for a couple of hours with the administration of medications and discharged with a prescription. For patients coming from abroad, 2 or 3 days of stay in the city is enough. The balloon may cause nausea and vomitting to some extent. These symptoms are controlled in a few days with the medications prescribed to the patient. The risk of complications are very low.

Gastric balloon is a time-limited treatment. It should be removed after 6 or 12 months depending on the type of the balloon. Generally 6 month of period is enough for weight control.

With balloon treatment the patient does not feel hunger as before and reaches satiety with smaller meals. It is a safe and useful way to lose weight without having the risks of the surgery.

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