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Gastric Botox

How is this process done?

  Gastric botox (stomach botox) is one of the non-surgical slimming methods. It is performed by endoscopy. Botox (botulinum toxin) is injected into the muscles of stomach to paralyze them.

How long does this procedure take and how long is the recovery?

  Gastric botox injection is an outpatient procedure and is performed by endoscopy under anesthesia. It takes approximately 15 minutes and the patients recover very quickly. They are discharged from thehospital nearly in 2 hours.

How does Botox in the stomach lead to weight loss?

            Stomach botox creates a feeling of satiety by delaying the emptying of the stomach. It provides appetite control of patients who have hunger problems and binge eating. The patients who buid a healthy lifestyle after and follow the dietician's recommendations after gastric botox injection can lose more weight. Although it varies depending on the age, metabolic rate and chronic diseases of the person, an average of 10-20 kg is lost.

When do the results start to appear?

The effect of stomach botox begins within the first 10 days. It takes 6-8 months on average. It is not a permanent procedure.

Are there any side effects of this technique in the near or long term?

            The effect of the medication used in stomach botox lasts 6-8 months. It does not cause a damage to the stomach.

Is there a follow up after this procedure?

            After stomach botox procedure, the patient’s nutritional follow up should be performed regularly. It should be always kept in mind that stomach botox is not sufficient for weight loss alone. Dietitian recommendations should be folowwed up.

When should Botox injction technique be preferred?

Its available for people;

- with BMI over 27

- who can not lose weight with long-term diet and exercise,

- who have binge eating

- who avoid the risks of a surgery  

- for whom a bariatiric surgery is contraindicated.

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