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12 Ağu

Life Style Changes After Gastric Balloon Placement

Gastric Balloon is a preferred obesity treatment and weight loss method in recent years except obesity surgery. The Stomach Balloon occupies a certain volume in the stomach, allowing individuals to reach satiety with less nutrients. During the Gastric Balloon process, the patient learns to eat a healthy diet and can maintain his ideal weight.

The weight given in this process may vary according to the diet, exercise, age, sex, metabolism and other diseases of the person.

Individuals who constantly try different diets and cannot lose weight often prefer this method. Because during the stomach balloon in your stomach, you can both get rid of the weight you can not lose and you can gain nutritional habits that you can sustain.

In the period following the gastric balloon application, the diet should be considered and the recommendations of the physician and dietitian should be taken into consideration. In the first days, although diets vary according to the patient's tolerance, liquid diets are applied and as long as the patient tolerates, the transition to soft foods followed by the transition to solid foods follows the feeding process.

In this period, it is important to get support from a nutritionist both to ensure the diversity of food and to follow the nutrition program. In addition to a healthy diet plan, fat burning should be supported by daily or weekly exercises. If you have not tried to lose weight with diet and exercise for a long time and you want to get rid of unwanted weight in a short time stomach balloon application may be a suitable method for you.

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